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Latest News

Cook Expands Managed Services department fueled by additional man-power and new operations center

Managed Services IT pictureAs Cook Security Group is able to use more remote technology to help fix and maintain equipment, so was the need to grow our Managed Services department.

Cook’s signature RemoteView line (RV) includes:

All four utilize technology to fix & monitor proactively from our new expanded Operations Center. “It’s been a long road as we’ve gone from two Managed Services Technicians up to six full time technicians, plus a Project Manager and Service Manager.”, states Levi Daily, Director of IT & Managed Services. “And it’s not slowing down anytime soon as we plan on adding more personnel as we convert more of our customers to Managed Services. We are fixing 67% of all calls remotely within a 30 minute timeframe so these services really make sense for our customers and ultimately their customers/members. This allows us to re-deploy our boots on the street to more severe hardware problems.”
For questions or more information about our Managed Services department or Cook’s RemoteView line of products click here or email us at info@cooksecuritygroup.com.

If you have too many keys, YOU could be at risk! Finally… A Key Control system that works! Cook announces partnership with Traka!

Traka Key BoxCook Security Group is pleased to announce our new partnership with Traka! Traka is a world leader in asset management technology, utilizing key management solutions and electronic lockers to manage and control access to your most important assets. With utilization throughout the United States and 30 countries worldwide, Traka has provided a wide range of products and services, delivering quality systems and support for over 20 years now. In addition, Traka streamlines process control with software and key management, offering unparalleled security and monitoring for any environment. Don’t miss this video that explains how it works! Other key benefits include the ability to:

  • Protect your property, facilities, vehicles and equipment
  • Reduce the cost of carelessness, accidental damage and theft
  • Increase efficiency and productivity- improve operating margins
  • Encourage your people to take greater responsibility for the resources they use
  • Maximize security and Health & Safety compliance
For additional information or to learn more about the products and services Cook Security Group and Traka have to offer, click here!

Cook’s Open House event in Benicia, CA a success!

IMG_1756Thanks to those of you who were able to attend our exclusive Open House event to celebrate the opening of our new office in Benicia, CA. Cook Security Group along with some of our partners hosted a full day of education and fun including providing valuable information about our products and services, equipment demonstrations, hot topics in the industry, catered lunch, afternoon BBQ, prize giveaways and more! We also provided live demonstrations of the hottest equipment and remote technologies including:

Branch Optimization: By using innovative technology, automation & consolidating services, we “transform” your existing branches helping each save money, generate revenue and enhance customer experience… A turn-key solution!

NCR Aptra Interactive Teller: What if the benefits of 24 hour, self service availability and the branch customer experience could be combined? The result would be an unparalleled combination of customer service reach and flexibility of staffing directly via the ATM!

RemoteView Surveillance w/Smart Phone Apps: Looking for an alternative option to having a DVR on site? RemoteView Surveillance provides an alternative option to recurring DVR Issues.

Teller Cash Automation: Increase branch efficiency, streamline operations, improve cash management, reduce teller training and enhance branch security.

Latest in Electronic Security: We service and install all types of electronic security systems including alarm systems, access control systems, Digital Video Recorders, analog & IP cameras, holdup alarms and more. Cook utilizes the best vendors in the industry including DMP, 3VR, Bosch and Lenel to make sure you have the best quality and service available.

If you weren’t able to attend our special open house event, no worries… Next year we are planning to host one in each of our regions!

If you can’t wait that long and would like immediate information on the products/services above or to schedule a live demo, click here. We would be happy to call or come out and see you!

The 10 Best Practices Series… #1: Why have a service contract if it’s not all-inclusive?

Cheesy SalesmanIf parts and labor are not included, you have lost control of your contract. For example, do you know what a XR500N or LNL 2220 is? Probably not, nor should you have to know. You simply want it fixed if it goes out and not have to pay for it. Same goes for travel time… Do you really want to research every invoice to see if the technician traveled 25 miles or 45 miles? Again, probably not, you just want to know the technician got there in a timely manner and fixed the issue and that you are not charged as it’s covered under agreement. Plus with today’s technology, many fixes are completed remotely!

All-Inclusive Service Agreements should have:

  • All parts & equipment included
  • All labor included
  • All travel included
  • No hidden charges
  • No minimum trip charges
  • Learn more, click here or email info@cooksecuritygroup.com

Up next… Best Practice #2: Why sign a service contract with a Penalty Clause? For more information send us an email or visit CookSecurityGroup.com.


Marti from WA

“Our experience with Cook was excellent! Bryant was professional, quick and efficient!”

Gabe from OR

“Rick is a fantastic technician.. He is always working hard to solve our problems (and not just temporarily). We appreciate that he is kind to the team and takes extra time to explain how we can avoid future problems.”

Marie from CA

“Service was amazing as always! Mel is very attentive to our needs and finishes in a timely fashion.”

Shanelle from CA

“Mark was very helpful. He was recuperating from a cold and was still able to be customer conscience and provide excellent service. Thank you!”

Stephen from CA

“Amazing service! Eric is always helpful and solves the problem effectively and efficiently.”

Delores from WA

“Our service was nice and fast. It’s always a pleasure working with Kurt and Cook Security Group!”


We currently serve Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Nevada, and Montana.