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The 10 Best Practices Series… #1: Why have a service contract if it’s not all-inclusive?

Cheesy SalesmanIf parts and labor are not included, you have lost control of your contract. For example, do you know what a XR500N or LNL 2220 is? Probably not, nor should you have to know. You simply want it fixed if it goes out and not have to pay for it. Same goes for travel time… Do you really want to research every invoice to see if the technician traveled 25 miles or 45 miles? Again, probably not, you just want to know the technician got there in a timely manner and fixed the issue and that you are not charged as it’s covered under agreement. Plus with today’s technology, many fixes are completed remotely!

All-Inclusive Service Agreements should have:

  • All parts & equipment included
  • All labor included
  • All travel included
  • No hidden charges
  • No minimum trip charges
  • Learn more, click here or email info@cooksecuritygroup.com

Up next… Best Practice #2: Why sign a service contract with a Penalty Clause? For more information send us an email or visit CookSecurityGroup.com.

It’s budget time… Need quote for service or a project?

Save MoneyMoving towards the end of the year, we understand that everyone is trying to finalize their budgets for 2015. We also understand the importance of saving money which is why we provide our “Bundle & Save” approach. That said, we have listed out everything that Cook Security Group can help you with, both service & product lines. Please reach out if you need a budget number or quote on any of the following:

Products & Services

What’s Hot in the Industry

Need a quote on one or more of Cook Security Group’s services and/or products? Click here. If you would like additional information visit our website at CookSecurityGroup.com.

Cook introduces Race for the Cook Service C.U.P.- An incentive program for technicians!

Racing FlagAt Cook Security Group we take our service and response times very seriously. In fact, we have added a fantastic incentive for our Technicians! This incentive is called “Race for the Cook Service C.U.P.” The letters, C.U.P. stand for Communication, Urgency and Prioritization.

We built the program in the model of NASCAR, in which technicians (drivers) are in a weekly race to gain points (laps) based on certain performance criteria including Call Acknowledgement Time, Average Response Time, First Time Fix and other key measurements in providing premier service for our valued customers. Not only is this a fun competition but it has big-time perks as well! The Top 3 Technicians in each service line win quarterly cash payouts! Read on...

For more information or questions regarding the Race for the Cook Service C.U.P., Click here.

NCR Interactive Teller vs. Competition… Why is it so much better?

Interactive Teller- Washington PostWhat if the benefits of 24-hour, self service availability and the branch customer experience could be combined? The result would be an unparalled combination of customer service reach and flexibility of staffing… Directly via the ATM! APTRA Interactive Teller (AIT) allows banks and credit unions to offer their customers the benefits of both self-service and the branch experience in one solution, closing the “intimacy gap”. NCR AIT combines… Read on

Key Features Include:

  • Supports migration of teller transactions to self-service
  • Automates or supports personal teller services 24/7
  • Can be located in both traditional and non-traditional locations
  • Lowers cost of teller transactions & increases teller productivity by centralizing your teller
  • Offer one-to-one personal service to consumers in a more cost effective way.

Check out these great videos and see for yourself! 

The ATM of the Future (Fox 13 News)

Video Teller is Here (Landmark Bank)

Banks putting human tellers in ATMs (NBC News)

Convinced yet? If not, send us an email and we will provide you with much more information about APTRA Interactive Teller!


Stephen from CA

“Amazing service! Eric is always helpful and solves the problem effectively and efficiently.”

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“Our service was nice and fast. It’s always a pleasure working with Kurt and Cook Security Group!”

Carrie Ann from WA

“Bryant was very helpful in explaining the process of changing codes and was also very professional!”

Morgan from OR

“Our service was great! I appreciate having experienced technicians such as Pat at our location to work on the issue!”


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