Teller Cash Dispenser/Recycler Service

subpagescash-dispenser-recycler(1)Cook Security Group offers the same quality service for TCD (Teller Cash Dispensers), TCR (Teller Cash ecyclers), Coin Counters, Processers and Desktop Units as we do for ATMs (with exeption to 1st Line service). We service the majority of all brands including older Talaris, Diebold and De La Rue machines. Cook Security Group technicians receive certified manufacterer tech training and only utilize certified parts! More Info…

TCD/TCR 2nd Line Hardware Service


Our TCD/TCR 2nd Line service covers major malfunctions including troubleshooting and replacing TCD/TCR sub-assemblies. This level of service is commonly referred to as hardware service, which goes beyond basic bill jams and involves in-depth troubleshooting. 2nd Line service is just like our ATM service… All Inclusive! Includes travel, parts and labor. Also, any factory modification kits to improve reliability are installed at no charge (when made available). Annual PM and a 90 day warranty are also included with Service Agreement! More Info…

RemoteView TCD/TCR

ComplianceAre your TCDs in compliance? Beginning next year new security requirements are coming for Teller Cash Dispensers and Recyclers. Are you in compliance? Are you sure the appropriate security patches are installed on your TCDs/TCRs? If you aren’t sure contact Cook Security Group… We offer a new service called RemoteView TCD/TCR which can automatically upload and install patch reports as they become available and make sure they are in compliance. More Info… Schedule a Compliance Consultation.

Desktop & Coin Counter Service

coin-counterWe service the majority of all brands when it comes to desktop and Coin Counters. This includes Lobby coin counters and well as Desktop units (currency & coin counters). More Info…

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