RemoteView Surveillance w/Mobile App

RemoteViewSurveillanceAre you looking for an alternative option to having a physical DVR onsite or experiencing issues with your DVR? RemoteView Surveillance provides an alternative option to recurring DVR Issues. Cook Security Group also offers many other RemoteView options including RemoteView Access Control, RemoteView ATM & RemoteView ImageCapture,

Issues with DVRs

  • DVRs are a large capital expenditure
  • DVRs will fail due to physical issues (connections, power supplies, etc.)
  • When the DVR fails, you are NO LONGER RECORDING
  • How do you know when it’s down? Who is monitoring? How soon until it’s back up? How much time will it take to get a loaner?Answer: There is no way to know for sure!

The Solution… RemoteView Surveillance!

  • Eliminate the need for a physical DVR
  • Stream and Store video to a secure hosted facility
  • Pool of redundant DVRs/storage
  • Onsite hybrid router with storage… Serves as a mini DVR in the event of an internet outage
  • Ensure your video is recording at a maximum level
  • Securely access video at anytime
  • Significant reduction in personnel time

Additional Benefits & Security of RemoteView Surveillance:

  • Secured, Managed, Redundant, Maximum Uptime!
  • Outsource responsibility… We manage & maintain!
  • Health Check- Immediate notifications of failure
  • Increase availability- Securely access after hours via Desktop Client, Full Featured Web Client and Smart Phone!
  • Convert to low cost monthly payment per camera
  • Reduce camera count by utilizing IP cameras
  • Hybrid router configured to communicate with secure hosted servers
  • All other access incoming and outcoming is blocked
  • AES 256 bit encrypted VPN connection (pass-phrases changed bi-annually)
  • Extensive 3rd party vulnerability tests on a monthly basis

ATM Transaction Search

  • Integrates with major ATM and Teller Platforms
  • Find video associated with a particular transaction, account, teller, and more!
  • Reduce investigation time by conducting faster searches for video/events by ATM receipt data.
  • Simply type in the last four digits of transaction and it correlates with the video!

Interested in bundling one or more of our RemoteView Managed Services or requesting an ROI study? More Info…

All Clear Systems

Safety- Open and Close ProceduresCook has partnered with All Clear Systems to revolutionize the manual open and closing procedures. Per the Bank Protection Act, your institution is responsible to ensure your employees’ safety. This technology dramatically increases employee safety, reduces risk & liability, and serves as a detailed audit for all employees. Benefits include:

  • Employee Safety
  • Reduces Risk Liability
  • Real-time Detailed Audit
  • Super User Friendly
  • Reduce False Alarms
  • Streamlines FTE

Works seamlessly with RemoteView Surveillance and can be outsourced in the form of Managed Services. More info…

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