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DispatchCook Security Group is pleased to introduce a new line of services called RemoteView. If it’s not a core function to your business, the majority of our customers are taking advantage of bundling, consolidating, and outsourcing multiple services (Core vs. Non-Core). The goal is to free up staff’s time to focus on their core functions. By outsourcing and bundling services, budget is reduced and FTE time is opened up to focus on core initiatives. Bundling any or all of the RemoteView Managed Services below can save you thousands of dollars annually! See below for the complete list.

“The introduction of RemoteView Surveillance & RemoteView ATM has helped us reduce costs,  and increase the efficiency and consistency of our service across the branch system. Working with Cook and their RemoteView team has been a pleasure. They are always available and quick to respond. They have also made the transition from the old DVRs to the RVS system painless and easy to understand. Their superior solution and service quality, in my opinion, makes them a standout in the market place!” Melanie- BBCN Bank.

RemoteView Surveillance w/Mobile App

RV Surveillance Website 9-13Are you looking for an alternative option to having a physical DVR onsite or experiencing issues with your DVR? RemoteView Surveillance provides an alternative option to recurring DVR Issues.

Issues with DVRs

  • DVRs are a large capital expenditure
  • DVRs will fail due to physical issues (connections, power supplies, etc.)
  • When the DVR fails, you are NO LONGER RECORDING
  • How do you know when it’s down? Who is monitoring? How soon until it’s back up? How much time will it take to get a loaner? Answer: There is no way to know for sure!

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RemoteView Access Control

RV Access ControlEliminate the overhead cost of managing your access control system. Cook Security Group can host the management software and take care of all software maintenance and server costs… Free up your time! Cook can also provide the labor to manage your access control System and ID cards. Email us the form & we take care of the rest! We print the badge, set the access level, and distribute to your location. As time goes on you will no longer have to worry about retraining employees on your access control system! Additional benefits include:

  • Hosted Access Control- Eliminate the need for physical onsite access control by converting to low cost monthly payment. We become responsible for ensuring your access control is up 100% of the time
  • Credential Management, Access Levels & Distribution Management- Free up your time! Email us the form & we take care of the rest… We print the badge credential, set the access level and distribute to your location

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RemoteView Alarm

View your alarm activity remotely from one user friendly, easy accessible online interface. It’s only a click away by logging in at You can view everything from alarm activity to emergency contact lists. Below are some of the key benefits.

  • Secure Portal to User Friendly Dashboard- Access your alarms at anytime- update call lists, change codes, set and test- Integrated with RemoteView Surveillance
  • Video Verification- Ties alarm to video. Log in remotely to view an incident

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RemoteView ATM

RemoteViewSurveillance2In our continuing effort to better serve our customers, we are pleased to announce that our development team has enhanced reporting to view all calls on equipment. This enables us to flag any issue with more than three calls within 30 days within our ticketing system! This includes all lines of equipment (security, ATM and TCA). By analyzing the dates, we can actually predict “problem” machines.

  • Diagnostics- More uptime, happier customers, proactive & predictive reporting
  • Patch Management- Be compliant, please auditors
  • Security Plus- Ultimate protection
  • EJ Archiving- Comply with Regulation E requirements with secure retention
  • Marketing Updates & Screen Changes- Sell new production line

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RemoteView Case Management

RV Dashboard ImageCook Security Group is pleased to announce that we have now added Case Management to our RV Dashboard. This allows you to upload your surveillance video (fraud, robbery, etc.) to a centralized web interface and share internally or externally with one click. The RV Dashboard is specifically designed to provide all of your security or ATM equipment info at your fingertips! Alarms, Video, ATMs reporting… you name it! More info…

RemoteView ImageCapture

RemoteView ImageCaptureRemoteView Image Capture is an Intelligent Image ATM deposit solution that allows for X-9.37 formatting, consolidation of images, optional validation of deposits and even transmitting the image file to the Fed.

Also, the solution reduces the upfront implementation investment and eliminates the hassles of keeping up to date on software and dealing with software maintenance associated to it. This is a perfect solution where you are implementing a reduced footprint branch where branch resources can be freed up to focus on the customer experience.

System Capabilities:

  • Capturing Image (X-9.37 & XML file options)
  • Consolidating Image
  • Validating Image
  • Transmitting Image

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RemoteView Risk Modeling Heat Map

Risk Modeling Heat MapWith our Risk Model Heat Map, we automate the process of Risk Modeling and update all locations based on a Heat Map tied to low, moderate, and high risk. This allows our customers to apply specific security standards to each branch based on a systematic approach. See also Risk Assessment, Consulting and Standardization.

  • Daily Updating of Branch Risk Rate- Consistently cross-reference the most current Risk Rating with your security standards to ensure adequete security. Put your security defense on auto-pilot

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RemoteView TCD/TCR

ComplianceAre your TCDs in compliance? Beginning next year new security requirements are coming for Teller Cash Dispensers and Recyclers. Are you in compliance? Are you sure the appropriate security patches are installed on your TCDs/TCRs? If you aren’t sure contact Cook Security Group… We offer a new service called RemoteView TCD/TCR which can automatically upload and install patch reports as they become available and make sure they are in compliance. Benefits include:

  • Up to 70% more uptime… Equals more revenue!
  • Be in compliance for Auditors
  • Push Windows Updates and Patches remotely
  • Real-time custom reports remotely
  • Electronic Journal storage
  • Anti-Virus and security protection
  • Works on all Windows based brands (ARCA, Diebold, NCR, Talaris/Glory)
  • Dedicated Cook RemoteView Technician to administer

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SAS 70/SSAE 16 Environment


Cook Security Group stores and protects all computing information in an SAS 70/SSAE 16 Certified offsite managed infrastructure. Doing so guarantees 99.99% of complete server uptime per year, which equates to only 52 minutes of downtime per year!

Advantages Include:

  • Redundant and diverse UPS systems with multiple onsite diesel generators
  • Carrier-Class and Carrier Neutral
  • Temperature controlled environment
  • N+1 Redundant cooling and humidity control
  • Geothermal cooling system
  • Advanced fire detection and suppression
  • 24/7 customer access
  • Zone 4 earthquake rated
  • Outside 1,000 year flood plan

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Consulting Service

consulting-wideFinancial institutions are currently challenged by the shift in revenue models, market opportunities, intense competitive threat to their market segment and increased regulatory requirements and scrutiny.

Cook Security Group Consulting Services understands the complexities associated with the successful deployment and management of the security programs and regulations that our clients are required to implement. In fact, we know that in the 2009 Ernst and Young report of the top ten strategic business risks, CEOs ranked regulatory and compliance risks as being number one!

When our clients utilize Cook Security Group Consulting Services, we will provide the client with a comprehensive review of all facets of their current security programs and provide to them a final report and recommendations for those areas with the greatest potential for improvement and that carry the greatest risk of regulatory, civil or criminal penalties. Here are just some of the services Cook can provide:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Procedure and Policy Development
  • Value Engineering
  • Risk Modeling and Risk Model Development
  • Workplace Violence Program Development
  • Security Consulting
  • Investigations
  • Executive Protection
  • Security Training

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