Physical Security Service

Hamilton Safe ProductsCook Security Group sales, services, repairs, and installs all types of physical security and heavy equipment including drive-up pneumatic tube systems, drive-up drawers, night drops, vaults, safes, locks, safe deposit boxes, under counter steel and more. More Info…


Vaults, Safes & Cash Lockers

vaultsCook Security Group works with our customers and their architects to assist in the design and installation phases of Vaults, Safes & Cash Lockers. Not only does Cook offer a wide variety of sizes and ratings to meet the most current requirements of our customers, but we also have Locksmiths to service configurations of safe-locks, combination changes, time-lock repairs, bolt works, hinges, lockouts and all alarm input devices. More Info…

Pneumatic Units, Drive-Up Units & Carriers

driveupCook Security Group offers several models of Drive-Up/Pneumatic Units & Carriers to suit your needs. We also offer highly trained, licensed technicians that can service & install all models and brands including Gunnebo, Diebold, Mosler, Lefebure, Collier and E.F. Bavis. More Info…


Safe Deposit Boxes

SD-boxesCook Security Group offers various configurations and installations of Safety Deposit (SD) Boxes for our customers. Whether you need to match an existing SD Box or looking to build a new facility, Cook can suit your needs!  Varieties include Stainless Steel, Modular Aluminum, Custom and Automated… More Info… 


Automated Locker Systems

Safestore Deposit by GunneboCook Security Group now offers Safestore which is an automated self-service system for Safe Deposit Lockers. With Safestore, you have around the clock access to lockers via a self-service terminal. No more carrying a key, no more lengthy rental procedures, and no need to be accompanied into the vault by a member of staff! Other benefits include:

  • More convenient service for customers
  • More profitable business
  • New customer generation/wealth management
  • Better use of space
  • Less time demanded of staff
  • Completely customizable solution to fit your branch concept

More Info… Live video demonstration.

Night Depositories

night_depositoriesCook Security Group offers several night drops with various chest capacities, lock configurations and height requirements. Our locksmiths provide service for night drop locks, night drop head mechanisms and lockouts. We also service all alarm input devices including door switches, thermo detectors and vibration sensors. In addition, Hamilton Safe/Gunnebo offers replacement equipment for old Mosler and Lefebure products. More Info…

Under Counter Steel

undercountersteelCook Security Group offers various sizes and configurations of Under Counter Steel (UCS) units. We also offer several variations of Cash Trays to meet our customers’ requirements. Our Locksmith’s can provide service on locks, tracks and doors of UCS. More Info…


Bandit Barriers

cook-web-img-bandit-barrier(1)Have a high risk location? Bullet Resistant Bandit Barriers may be the answer! Not all branches need them, but for high risk locations, they can be terrific deterrents. Cook Security Group and Installations, Inc. can fabricate several styles of security enclosures that are aesthetically pleasing while providing a proven robbery deterrent. Whether you need design consultation, product literature, fabrication, or a fully installed custom design Cook Security Group and Installations, Inc. can take care of your security needs!

More Info… Schedule a Risk Assessment.

Lock Work Service

subpagesbg_ser-lock-repairWhether it’s vaults, safes or standard lock & key, our Locksmith’s install, maintain, repair and adjust all types of locks for Commercial & Financial customer buildings, rooms, furniture and UCS. Duplicate and cut code keys. We service, install, program, and issue user codes for digital locks. Troubleshoot, repair and program stand alone Access Control Systems; upgrade and maintain key systems; Open, service and maintain safes & vaults; inspects completed work for conformance with specifications, requirements and compliance with applicable building and safety codes and regulations; inspects related work performed by contractors; estimates, cost, Time & Materials for Locksmith projects; participates in the maintenance and operations of a Locksmith shop. We also service any type of lock. In addition, we also provide the following services:

  • Install, repair and maintain commercial lockable hardware such as doors, keying systems to ensure safety of facilities.
  • Produce and/or modify hardware for locks
  • Make new keys; replace broken or lost keys
  • Design and maintain master key systems
  • Design, modify, and implement security policies and procedures
  • Clean, maintains, adjusts, calibrates and services equipment used in the performance of duties

More Info…

Authorized Diebold Parts & Service Provider

We wanted to share some exciting news! Cook is now an Authorized Diebold parts and service provider. What this Dieboldmeans is that we can now service any Diebold products including:

  • Imaging ATMs including all Optevas
  • TCDs & TCRs
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Software back-ups (i.e. back up latest software version, includes Solid State Hard-Drive & Labor)
  • Other Diebold equipment (for list and/or questions, click here)

Why is this important?

  • Cook prides ourselves in providing superior service
  • More technicians on the street in the Western States than any other provider!
  • Cook utilizes remote technologies to fix 67% of all ATM faults remotely with an average fix time of 25 minutes
  • SOC2 Type II Certification and centralized Network Operations Center
  • Cook services over 300 financial institutions and over 12,000 branches

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Mosler, Lefebure & Diebold Replacement Equipment

driveupDo you have old obsolete Mosler, Lefebure or Diebold equipment? Gunnebo offers products that you can virtually swap out to replace old equipment at a great price! More Info…



Preventative Maintenance

subpagesbg_ser-custom-constructIncluded in a Cook Security Group All-Inclusive service agreement is an annual preventative maintenance service call (PM). Our technician will test and evaluate everything in our customer’s all inclusive service agreement. In addition, our customer receives a copy of each PM as well as an end of year wrap up report for each branch. More Info…


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