July 2015
Issue #95
Cook Security Group becomes Authorized Diebold parts & service provider! We wanted to share some exciting news! Cook is now an Authorized Diebold parts and service provider. What this means is that we can now service any Diebold products including:

  • Imaging ATMs including all Optevas
  • TCDs & TCRs
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Software back-ups (i.e. back up latest software version, includes Solid State Hard-Drive & Labor)
  • Other Diebold equipment (for list and/or questions, click here)
Why is this important?

  • Cook prides ourselves in providing superior service
  • More technicians on the street in the Western States than any other provider!
  • Cook utilizes remote technologies to fix 67% of all ATM faults remotely with an average fix time of 25 minutes
  • SOC2 Type II Certification and centralized Network Operations Center
  • Cook services over 300 financial institutions and over 12,000 branches
Want a competitive quote? Send us an email or contact your Account Manager. Would you like to learn more about Cook Security Group? Visit
Be on the lookout… Card Skimming Attacks in the U.S. are on the rise. There continues to be an increase in card skimming attacks in California, Oregon, and Washington. This follows other reports of card skimming that have occured in Florida and in the Northeast states. As this remains an extremely active attack vector, it is critical that we continue to inform our customers about the risk from card skimming attacks. Cook Security Group offers many solutions that can prevent these situations, including:
Cook Security Group RemoteView & Anti-Skimming Protection Solution: While attending the FSPA show in San Antonio, we found the latest anti-skimming product that integrates with our RemoteView ATM product line and how they were utilized to assist with known skimming devices by shutting the ATM down and providing immediate images. Call us at 844-305-COOK or email for details.
NCR Skimming Protection Solution (SPS): The Skimming Protection Solution is available for most Self Serv ATMs with both DIP and Motorized Card Readers. A version of SPS is also available for Personas ATMs with Motorized Card Readers.
Solutions for all other ATMs: There is an excellent aftermarket anti-skimming product that can be used on nearly all ATM models. To learn more or for a quote, click here.
Cook Recommendations:

  1. Order any new ATM with the anti-skimmer package as standard (just like seatbelts for a car)
  2. Reach out for a complimentary audit of your current ATM fleet (Click here).
Click here to see examples of how Cook’s RemoteView Surveillance and RemoteView ATM were utilized to assist with known skimming devices by shutting the ATM down. For more information about anti-skimming solutions call us at 844-305-COOK or send us an email.
5 Reasons to Include an IP Based Solution in a Physical Security Plan(Ingram Micro Advisor) The IP vs. Analog debate has raged for more than a decade in the physical security industry, and the scales have gradually tipped towards IP technology over the last several years. These days, not many will argue against the idea that IP technology is the future of the physical security industry. And outside of a few specific verticals, analog devices are slowly becoming extinct. But why is it so important to include IP-based solutions in your physical security plan? Here are a few key reasons… Read on.
Need assistance choosing a camera solution that will work for you? Send us an email or visit our website at
The 10 Best Practices Series… #10: Does your service vendor bring you remote technologies to help save, drive revenue, and enhance customer experience? While many vendors mean well, they may not be growing with the latest industry trends, specifically utilizing remote technologies designed to accomplish the following:
Operational Efficiency– We will help save up to $50K per branch, core vs. non-core we can fill in the gaps.
Revenue Generation– We will help drive revenue at each branch- Marketing Screens, Interactive Teller, Marketing Video Analytics.
Customer Experience- Equipment uptime, ie; RemoteView ATM is at a 67% fix rate remotely within 25 minutes of a call!
Ask about these Remote Technologies:
RemoteView Surveillance w/Mobile App

  • Eliminate the need for a physical DVR
  • Stream & Store video to a secure hosted facility
  • Pool of redundant DVRs/storage
  • Onsite hybrid router w/storage… Serves as a mini DVR in the event of an internet outage
  • Ensure your video is recording at a maximum level
  • Securely access video at anytime
  • Significant reduction in personnel time
RemoteView ATM

  • Fix roughly 67% of all faults remotely
  • Push marketing screens (shotgun or strategic approach)
  • Push windows updates for compliance
  • EJ Archiving with transaction search

Interactive Teller

  • Utilize Remote Teller (central or secure location_
  • Reduce FTE (turn on Remote Teller when needed)
  • Expand operation hours
  • Increase security
  • Expand footprint
Questions on any of the above? Send us an email or visit
Up next… Best Practice: Cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to compliance, auditors and life safety. For more infomation about the Best Practices Series, send us an email or visit
What’s Happening at Cook Security Group!
Cook Community Builders (CCB) Update… The 9th Annual MJN “Help Fight MS” Slingball Tournament a success! Last month, Cook employees joined forces to have fun and raise money to support the fight against Multiple Sclerosis by attending the 9th Annual MJN “Help Fight MS” Slingball tournament in beautiful Pacific City, OR! We are proud to say that we were able to help raise over $15,000 to help the fight against MS which is an all time record! Congratulations to Slingball’s first Father/Son duo, Brian & Austin Green, as they cleaned house by taking both championship in the Adult & Kid’s tournament! Thanks to the entire Cook team and everybody that helped make the tourney a success!
For more information about Slingball, click here. For more information about the Cook Community Builders Program, click here!
Pizza Party Winners for July! Congratulations to the following customers for winning July’s pizza party drawings!
Home Federal Bank– Eugene, OR
Umpqua Bank– Corte Madera, CA
Umpqua Bank– Riggins, ID
U.S. Bank- Seattle, WA
WSECU– Medical Lake, WA
Click here to win a pizza party for your branch!
Cook’s Monthly Survey Question! Congrats to Warren from Wells Fargo Bank for being this month’s survey winner! June’s question was: What is the Zodiac sign for the beginning of June? Answer: Gemini!
July’s question is: Which country of the world produces the greatest volume of beer per year? To answer, click here and you will automatically be entered to win a $25.00 gift card!
Randy’s “Craft Brew” of the Month: Servicing customers in six states… Our CMO, Randy Neu, enjoys exploring new craft breweries (with customers we might add!). That being said, this month’s Craft Brew is Icky IPA from Great Basin Brewing Co. in Sparks, NV! “Ichthyosaur IPA, or better known as “Icky” IPA is named after Nevada’s official state fossil… the Ichthyosaur! I must say this could be one of the best names for an IPA to date and the logo is really cool too… so much that I had to purchase a pint glass. My kids are dinosaur lovers, so this is now their favorite glass for Dad to enjoy any IPA”, Randy states. Have a suggestion for Randy in OR, WA, CA, NV, ID or MT? Click here!
Consumer Alert! Have you had a chance to check out our new and improved Home page on Click here to check it out!
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In this Issue:
Cook Security Group becomes Authorized Diebold parts & service provider!
Be on the lookout… Card Skimming Attacks in the U.S. are on the rise.
5 Reasons to Include an IP Based Solution in a Physical Security Plan
The 10 Best Practices Series… #10: Does your service vendor bring you remote technologies to help save, drive revenue, and enhance customer experience?
What’s Happening at Cook Security Group!
Consumer Alert!

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