May 2015
Issue #93
Sick and tired of reviewing invoices? Cook faces the same challenges, but has a solution! At Cook Security Group, we too have hundreds of vendor partnerships/suppliers, and our best vendors treat us like “partners”. That is, the “partners” that understand our business and feel like they are a part of our business. One area that continues to come up is invoicing. How frustrating is it when you have to analyze, scrutinize, & police a stack of invoices? We experience the same issues with some vendors. Ideally, a good “partner” is willing to customize & consolidate invoices… even add detailed notes for easy review. They will also proactively schedule quarterly meetings to make sure everything is working out, and adjust if necessary. Furthermore, an All-Inclusive Agreement is the most efficient way to go, as everything is covered and it frees up valuable time, saving on FTE! Why spend these countless hours if you can negotiate All-Inclusive coverage to avoid the time crunch?
Ideas or questions? Send us an email. Would you like to learn more about Cook Security Group’s All-Inclusive programs? Click here. We will get right back to you!
You’re Invited to join Cook Security Group for the NCR Innovation Forum 2015 in Los Angeles, CA! You are cordially invited to join Cook Security Group for the NCR Innovation Forum 2015 happening on Tuesday, June 9th at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in sunny Los Angeles, CA!
The NCR Innovation Forum is all about you: your business, your technology and what consumers are demanding from their interactions with you. Cook Security Group and NCR can help you achieve profitable growth by transforming your customer experience across both physical (ATM, Interactive Teller) and digital channels (Online Banking, Omni-Channel).
At the Innovation Forum you will see a focus on seamlessly connecting physical and digital channels for higher efficiency, security and growth- with more personalized experiences for your customers. This Forum has been expressly designed with your financial institution in mind. You will see a vision of how to:

  • Seamlessly integrate digital and physical channels to drive growth and “wow” your customers.
  • Create more personalized customer experiences with interactive technology including Interactive Teller.
  • Protect your investment, your brand, and your customers from fraudulent attacks.
  • Engage your customers, increase efficiency and manage interactions better than ever
If you would like to join us for the NCR Innovation Forum, click here. To see full agenda, click here. For additional information send us an email or visit our website at
The 10 Best Practices Series… #7: Look into outsourcing Non-Core administration duties. More than ever, in today’s economic climate every penny counts. A typical administration position has average loaded costs of $65k annually or more!
Many of these tasks can be outsourced to free up the employee’s time to focus on more important CORE duties. This can save huge dollars over the course of a year on FTE.
Look at your employee’s job duties and identify if any could be outsourced. The monthly service to outsource is generally much less than hiring another employee. Outsourcing would also allow you to re-allocate a current employee’s time towards “Core” functions. Outsourcing opportunities include:

Up next… Best Practice #8: Don’t purchase what you don’t need from a commissioned salesman. For more infomation about the Best Practices Series, send us an email or visit
What’s Happening at Cook Security Group!
Cook Community Builders (CCB) Update… The Cook Security Group CA team gives back to the community! As part of the Cook Community Builders program, the Cook admin staff and technicians from our California center collected more than 15 bags of clothing and essential items to donate to the homeless in the San Francisco Bay area. The items are offered to a nearby homeless camp where people can pick up what they need from a temporary “store” free of charge!
For more information about the Cook Community Builders Program, click here!
Pizza Party Winners for May! Congratulations to the following customers for winning May’s pizza party drawings!
Washington Federal Bank- Gooding, ID
U.S. Bank- Cannon Beach, OR
Union Bank- Monroe, WA
Nevada State Bank- Las Vegas, NV
Columbia Bank– Mattawa, WA
Click here to win a pizza party for your branch!
Cook’s Monthly Survey Question! Congrats to Robin from BBCN Bank for being this month’s survey winner! April’s question was: Which classic board game is honored on the 13th of April? Answer: Scrabble!
May’s question is: The Empire State building first opened on May 1st of what year? To answer, click here and you will automatically be entered to win a $25.00 gift card!
Congrats to our friends over at Idaho Central Credit Union! Congratulations to Idaho Central Credit Union for leading SNL’s credit union ranking for the third year running! In the analysis, SNL ranked the best-performing credit unions using the following five core financial performance metrics: member growth, net charge-offs as a percentage of average loans, efficiency ratio, asset quality and market growth. To qualify for this ranking, a credit union had to report more than $500 million in total assets and a net worth ratio of at least 7.0% as of Dec. 31st, 2014. Based on these two criteria… Read on.
Randy’s “Craft Brew” of the Month: Servicing customers in six states… Our CMO, Randy Neu, enjoys exploring new craft breweries (with customers we might add!). That being said, this month’s Craft Brew is Delusions of Grandeur Session IPA from the Hermiston Brewing Company in Hermiston, OR. “Surprisingly hoppy but on the lighter refreshing side for an IPA. At just 4%, this is a great daytime backyard beer. Very impressed with the Hermiston Brewing Company!”, Randy states. Have a suggestion for Randy in OR, WA, CA, NV, ID or MT? Click here!
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In this Issue:
Sick and tired of reviewing invoices? Cook faces the same challenges, but has a solution!
You’re invited to join Cook Security Group for the NCR Innovation Forum 2015 in Los Angeles, CA!
The 10 Best Practices Series… #7: Look into outsourcing Non-core administration duties.
What’s Happening at Cook Security Group!
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