Lock Work Service

subpagesbg_ser-lock-repairWhether it’s vaults, safes or standard lock & key, our Locksmith’s install, maintain, repair and adjust all types of locks for Commercial & Financial customer buildings, rooms, furniture and UCS. Duplicate and cut code keys. We service, install, program, and issue user codes for digital locks. Troubleshoot, repair and program stand alone Access Control Systems; upgrade and maintain key systems; Open, service and maintain safes & vaults; inspects completed work for conformance with specifications, requirements and compliance with applicable building and safety codes and regulations; inspects related work performed by contractors; estimates, cost, Time & Materials for Locksmith projects; participates in the maintenance and operations of a Locksmith shop. We also service any type of lock. In addition, we also provide the following services:

  • Install, repair and maintain commercial lockable hardware such as doors, keying systems to ensure safety of facilities.
  • Produce and/or modify hardware for locks
  • Make new keys; replace broken or lost keys
  • Design and maintain master key systems
  • Design, modify, and implement security policies and procedures
  • Clean, maintains, adjusts, calibrates and services equipment used in the performance of duties

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Core Vault, Safe, & Deposit Box Drilling


A Safe Deposit Box cannot be opened unless of your keys and our guard key are both used. Your key opens one set of tumblers, the guard key opens another set of tumblers to release the lock. Neither key by itself can unlock the Safe Deposit Box. This give you additional assurance as to the privacy and safety of your contents. Our Locksmiths & Security Technicians have vast experience in servicing and opening Safe Deposit Boxes utilizing various methods of entry from picking to drilling the lock and door pulling. We have the tools, equipment and experienced Locksmiths needed to get the job done. More Info…

Combination Changes

subpagesbg_ser-lock-combinationThe combination needs to be changed on your safe in the case of a forgotten combination, lock malfunction or with an employee change. Older safes and even some new safes have keys an dials with mechanical locks. Newer safes have digital key pads with electronic locks. Cook Security Group can provide combo changes on your safe or vault, no matter the age. More Info…


 Lock Manipulation

subpagesbg_ser-manipulationOur experienced locksmiths always trouble-shoot and try to manipulate all locks first. Often times, there is a simple fix before having to drill. We do this to save our customers’ time, parts and equipment. More Info…


Kaba Mas Cencon Lock Management

logo-kaba-masDo you have a Kaba Mas Cencon 2000? We now offer full dispatching of the Kaba Mas Cencon lock system. We provide both 1st Line and Bank Mode service! In 1st Line mode these locks offer very high security along with a combination that changes after every use. In Bank Mode you have the option of having a set combination assigned to a specific key. We also have full auditing capabilities, so we are able to see which keys have been used, when the lock has been open/closed, among other items! More Info…

Key Cutting

subpagesbg_ser-lock-repairCook Security Group has access to all major brands of keys and locks. With a full Locksmith department, we can fulfill your need for all types of keys. Flat rates are available. More Info…



Locks We Service

High Security Locks include: Medeco, Assa Abloy, Stanley, Best. Standard Security Locks include: Schlage, Emhert, Quickset, Von Duprin, Corbin, Seargant, Jackson, Adamsrite, Glynn Johnson, LCN, Ives. Safe Locks include: Kaba Ilco, Seargant & Greenleaf, Laguard, S & G, Amsec, Access Control Fence. More Info…

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We currently serve Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Nevada, and Montana.