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QueueLineCook Security Group is a security systems integrator. We service and install all types of electronic security systems, including Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems, Digital Video Recorders, analog & IP cameras, holdup alarm and vault protection and more. Cook utilizes the best vendors in the industry including DMP, 3VR, Bosch and Lenel  to make sure you have the best quality and service available. More Info…

Alarm Systems

DMP ProductsCook Security Group provides the latest technology and leading industry UL Rated brands in alarm systems for all financial, commercial, government, and retail institutions. Our product lines are picked based on reliability, industry standards, and most of all… user friendliness. Each have the capabilities of remote login, remote viewing options, access to user information, etc. but can also be implemented under strict security guidelines. Just one example is DMP’s new smartphone app (click on DMP image below for more information).

Cook offers a wide variety of choices to meet our customers’ needs. While we are primarily a DMP & Bosch dealer, we provide maintenance on most existing Alarm Systems & Keypads. Click either image below to learn about additional information, or request more info

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Access Control Systems

Access Control PicCook Security Group is a Lenel OnGuard, Avigilon & DMP Dealer with exclusive background in Access Control. We offer various sizes of Access Control Systems from single door stand alone systems to multi-facility enterprise systems. In addition, we offer consulting during the design phase of your next project. We utilize licensed technicians to install our systems and provide all the programming required to complete the project. We can also provide the electric door hardware and cabling needed to offer 100% turn key systems.

After your installation, we can take care of the management of your Access Control System using RemoteView Access Control. In addition to Lenel, Avigilon and DMP, we provide maintenance on most existing Access Control Systems. More Info…

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Digital Video, Cameras & Surveillance Equipment

RV Surveillance Website 9-13Cook offers, designs and installs the latest in surveillance technology. Whether it’s cutting edge NVR technology using IP cameras or battle-tested DVRs, we have the solution to fit our customer’s needs. We provide and install equipment including DVRs, NVRs, IP/Digital cameras & VCR replacement equipment. While we are primarily a 3VR, March & Milestone dealer, we provide maintenance on most existing systems.  More Info…

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All Clear Systems

All Clear Systems- Dana Turner

Listen to what Security Expert, Dana Turner had to say.

Cook has partnered with All Clear Systems to revolutionize the manual open and closing procedures. Per the Bank Protection Act, your institution is responsible to ensure your employees’ safety. This technology dramatically increases employee safety, reduces risk & liability, and serves as a detailed audit for all employees. Benefits include:

  • Employee Safety
  • Reduces Risk Liability
  • Real-time Detailed Audit
  • Super User Friendly
  • Reduce False Alarms
  • Streamlines FTE

Also works seamlessly with RemoteView Surveillance and can be outsourced in the form of Managed Services. More info…

RemoteView Managed Services

DispatchCook Security Group is pleased to introduce a new line of services called RemoteView. If it’s not a core function to your business, the majority of our customers are taking advantage of bundling, consolidating, and outsourcing multiple services (Core vs. Non-Core). The goal is to free up staff’s time to focus on their core functions. By outsourcing and bundling services, budget is reduced and FTE time is opened up to focus on core initiatives. Bundling any or all of the RemoteView Managed Services can save you thousands of dollars annually! More Info…

RemoteView Surveillance

RemoteViewSurveillanceAre you looking for an alternative option to having a physical DVR onsite or experiencing issues with your DVR? RemoteView Surveillance provides and alternative option to reoccurring DVR issues. Cook Security Group also offers many other RemoteView options. More Info…


RemoteView Access Control

RV Access ControlEliminate the overhead cost of managing your Access Control System. Cook Security Group can host the management software and take care of all software maintenance and server costs… Free up your time! Cook can also provide the labor to manage your Access Control System and ID Cards. Email us the form & we take care of the rest! We print the badge, set the access level, and distribute to your location. As time goes on you will no longer have to worry about retraining employees on your Access Control System! Benefits include:

  • Hosted Access Control
  • Credential Management, Access Levels & Distribution Management- Free up your time! Email us the form & we take care of the rest… We print the badge credential, set the access level and distribute to your location

More Info…

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