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watch Cook Security Group offers the same quality service for virtually all ATMs including NCR, Wincor, Hyosung, Diebold, Triton and more. Like electronic and physical security, Cook Security Group found the same need for quality service and installation in the ATM industry, so we went out and hired the best ATM service veterans in the business! See below for our full list of ATM Services.


ATM 1st Line Service

  • OPerform basic installation and minor repairs on all ATM products (multiple manufacturers) and services
  • Perform some minor maintenance on ATMs (e.g. cleaning card readers, replacing air filters and suction cups)
  • Clearing jams to include but not limited to cash, deposits, receipts and cards
  • Complete equipment clearings as specified in Service Agreement
  • Replenishment of consumables if you opt for our “Supplies Management” option

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ATM 2nd Line/Hardware Service

  • second-line-maintenance-servicesPerforms same basic services as 1st Line
  • Provides maintenance on a wide range of ATM banking products to include: Problem diagnosis, component level repair, application reload, preventative maintenance, and documentation
  • Technicians perform ATM installation and bring live’s, ADA Upgrades, PCI Compliance Updates and Windows 7 Upgrades
  • In-depth troubleshooting
  • Replacing of all ATM sub-assemblies

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RemoteView ATM

RemoteViewSurveillance2In our continuing effort to better serve our customers, we are pleased to announce that our development team has enhanced reporting to view all calls on equipment. This enables us to flag any issue with more than three calls within 30 days within our ticketing system! This includes all lines of equipment (security, ATM and TCA). By analyzing the dates, we can actually predict “problem” machines! More info…

RemoteView ImageCapture

RemoteView ImageCaptureRemoteView Image Capture is an Intelligent Image ATM deposit solution that allows for X-9.37 formatting, consolidation of images, optional validation of deposits and even transmitting the image file to the fed. Also, the solution reduces the upfront implementation investment and eliminates the hassles of keeping up to date on software and dealing with software maintenance associated to it. This is a perfect solution where you are implementing a reduced footprint branch, where branch resources can be freed up to focus on the customer experience. More Info…

ATM Site Inspection

  • ATM Site InspectionInspect ATM inside and out for any damaged or missing parts
  • Proper marketing/network logos
  • Digital compliance photos taken- Will be available on secure web portal
  • Inspection and Exception reports detailing items not covered (vandalism, environment, etc.)

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ATM Quarterly Cleanings

  • ATM CleaningATM Fascia and Bezel, Surround, Keyboard, Function Keys and Monitor
  • Card Reader (exterior), Writing Surfaces, Open/Closed Indicator, Envelope Holder and Network Logo Panel
  • Camera Window and Light Panels

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ATM Supplies Management

  • ATM ConsumablesCheck receipt paper roll (replace if necessary)
  • Check ink cartridge (replace if necessary)
  • Check envelope dispenser (add if necessary)

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ATM Software Management

ATM Software MaintenanceNew Transactions, security patches and software upgrades, together with legal and regulatory standards, are being introduced faster than ever before. As you adopt and benefit from new transactions and services, it is important to also protect yourself from unforeseen issues. Cook’s Standard Software Maintenance and Support offer (Standard SWMS) does just that. If something should go wrong with NCR-provided software, you can rest assured that Cook’s support organization will be there to fix it, and you won’t have to worry about the maintenance costs, as that’s all part of the service… Read on. Other advantages include:

  • Problem-resolution management for the most recent major release
  • 24/7 toll free problem reporting from manufacturer
  • One-hour response time for telephone call back for software problems from manufacturer
  • Software fixes (patches) for the current software major release
  • Software maintenance releases as they are made available
  • Software major releases as they are made available
  • Remote phone support assistance from manufacturer

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Pre-Paid Debit/Gift Card ATM Dispense

Pre-Paid Debit CardsAs long as ATMs have existed they have dispensed cash- A paradigm that has changed little in over 30 years. A paradigm where an ISO rents cash, or owns cash, that cannot make money in an ATM until it is exchanged for a nominal transaction fee. NOW the paradigm is changing! The true potential of the ATM is being unlocked by also distributing gift cards and other pre-paid media. Now ISOs can keep more of their cash in the bank and use gift cards to generate the additional revenue they desire. More info…

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